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Developmental Call

Hour-Long One-to-One Coaching Session

€111 (via Google Meets)

Limited to one session per client

Run your non-fiction book idea by an industry expert

Every book idea is unique, because it's being influenced by the tapestry of life experience that the author brings to it. There are times, however, that we feel unsure about our first steps and advice from an industry expert can give us the validation we need to confidently move forward. Share your idea and concerns on our call and I'll help you get to a place of certainty.

Use it as a kick-off deadline for your manuscript

You don't head out on a road trip without an idea of where you're going, so why are you doing that with your book journey? Most authors sit down to write their manuscripts before ever considering the structure, promise or reader of the end product. It's not long before they find themselves floundering. Kick-off your whole project with a developmental session with me, where we will establish each of those elements, so that the manuscript can flow from your fingers to the page with ease.

Learn how to get your book to market

There are three routes to market; traditional, hybrid and self-publishing. Each has its benefits and challenges, and each is suited to one book over another. Explore the best direction to take your book, how to make it work for you, and what steps to take next. Our session will set you up to succeed.

You can use your session to:

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