Developmental Edit

Structural review of your final manuscript

Cost depends on word count and quality. See below.

What is included in a developmental edit?

A Developmental Edit will offer detailed feedback on big-picture issues within your manuscript. I will refine your ideas, shape your narrative, and help you fix any major structural issues or inconsistencies. Basically, I’ll look at just about every element of your manuscript and tell you what is working, what isn't, and what you can do about it.

What you’ll get: an editorial report and a marked-up manuscript.

The editorial report is a general critique of everything I think you should change, along with commentary on what’s functioning well and should stay in your work. Think of this as the macro feedback.

The marked-up manuscript will contain tracked changes and comments detailing where the critiqued issues are occurring, suggesting specific edits. Think of this as the micro feedback.

It’ll then be up to you to review the feedback and decide which changes to make or further develop. Once you've approved/rejected all of my suggestions, you manuscript will be ready to be sent out to publishers or into copy editing.

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Email me at with a brief synopsis of the book you have written, a sample chapter of the manuscript, and a word count for the entire project. I'll get back with a quote and next steps asap.