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Where to buy my book...

Well, here she is! My first book!

How To Be Whole is a collection of 50 poems that I wrote after one of the most challenging years of my life. They poured out of me, over 48 hours, one by one, healing as they crashed through. 

They are contained within five sections: To Be Seen; To Be Heard; To Be Understood; To Be Loved; To Be Whole. Each building on the last, with self-reflective questions for the reader as they make their way through.

Poetry is so subjective. I have loved burying myself in the work of some of the greats for decades. On the flip side, I can name a long list of well-loved poets that I simply 'don't get'. So, I'm going to give myself the space that maybe my work will 'speak' to you and maybe it won't. Either way, it's no longer mine, it's out there in the world, ready for others to interpret from their own narrative.

I'm grateful for my passion for poetry, which is clearly a gift I don't own, but borrow until it's time to return it to source.

Available in paperback. Select a link based on your location:




Australia/New Zealand:


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