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Three Months to Manuscript (Personal Growth/Business)

The most successful self-help books all have one thing in common: they serve the reader, not the author. They offer up lessons that will relieve their pain, salve their wounds, and empower their journey. They are written by authors who leave their egos at the door.  

Most writers don't get that. Most forget to even consider the reader. Most think the reader will lap up what they have to say, regardless. Most writers lose themselves in the vanity of writing a book and fall short of truly delivering on its promise. 

If you don't want to be like most writers, then sign up to this Three Months to Manuscript program for personal-growth writers and create something that makes a real impact on the world.

The cost of this program is €3,000. 

6 x Hour-Long Coaching Sessions (via Google Meets)

We will have a coaching session once every two weeks:

  • The first two sessions will explore your idea, your reason for writing
    this specific book, your reader, you book's promise, and the best structure to suit your content.

  • We'll then move you into the writing section of the program, where we will schedule your writing over the next 10 weeks, which will be supported with three feedback calls, to keep you connected to your goal, help when you feel yourself lagging and hold you accountable.

  • Finally, we will complete the program with a session on what's next for your manuscript, whether that be via traditional or self-publishing. 

Full Developmental Edit

On our third call, we will set out your writing schedule. You will write to this schedule and will send each chapter to me by our agreed deadline. This will keep you on track to complete in three months and help push you through any resistance that comes up. I will review your work as you deliver it, so you know what's working, what's not, and what you can do about it. I'll do this through the tracked-changes feature in Microsoft Word, so that you can accept or reject anything I suggest. Once we've completed all the chapters, and you've amended them based on my feedback, I will review the manuscript as a whole and share some final feedback. This means you will not only complete your manuscript in three months, but have it reviewed by an industry expert before it is ever seen by anyone else. 

Help Is At Hand

Writing can be a rather lonely process, even with supportive friends and family in your life. Nobody really understands what you have to go through as a writer, unless they are there with you, chapter by chapter, block by block. So, as well as holding you accountable to completing the book, I will be on hand for advice and support over the three-month program. A quick email may be all you need to boost your motivation, push past procrastination, and get back on track. 

This program includes:

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