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Leave the BS to Your Competition, You're Better Than That

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

When it comes to structure, I'm a huge fan of keeping it concise. Not because I have a short attention span, but because I find any book over 60,000 words is just full of filler.

We all know that quality and quantity are not the same thing. Just because I'm getting a weightier book as a book buyer, doesn't not mean I'm getting more value. In fact, I'd say there's less - because if I have to wade through the BS to find the nuggets I need, then you have failed me and yourself.

This is where chapter templates thrive. Think of them like maps of your thoughts, structures to share with the reader. When your reader can trust where the book is going next, through the chapter template you've created, they'll keep going on the journey with you.

So, between your introduction and your conclusion, make sure your chapters follow the same flow. For example, each chapter could contain a personal opener, a case study, a problem to be overcome and an exercise to help the reader overcome it. Use any combination of chapter devices to build up your structure, just remember to repeat them again and again. It will make writing the book so much easier AND reading the book will be a dream.

Time is precious, make sure your reader is not having theirs wasted.


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