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You Have My Permission to Have Fun

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

When did you start seeing being creative as a constrictive activity?

The process of writing, whether it be fiction or nonfiction, can be as playful as you allow it to be. Yes, the content may be heavy or dark, but that doesn't mean your creation of it has to be.

Words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters all invite you to be free. There is no teacher correcting you, no editor sitting on your shoulder. Just you and your curiosity.

The first draft of your book is yours, wholly, so allow yourself the freedom to go for it. Every time you sit down to write, pause judgment; think of it like throwing paint at a wall just for the sake of it, to see what sticks. Go all in and you'll find some kernel that really calls to your reader. Restrict yourself and you'll fail to connect.

How will you play today?


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